2017 High River Trade Fair

May 5 and 6 saw RCC participate in another successful High River Trade Fair


This year’s event was again held at the Snodgrass Recreation Centre in High River. Ted Dawson coordinated our entry with support from Club volunteers.
The highlight of RCC’s entry were definitely the two vehicles. Al Millard provided his newly acquired Ford Model T, mid-door sedan and Roger Hamel his beautifully updated red pick-up.

Ted has participated in the event on many occasions and described the value returned to the Club through the visibility and recognition we gain with the general public.
Conversations at the event gave our volunteers an opportunity to describe our goals as a Club and our annual donation to local High River charities.

Pictured here are a few of the volunteers who spent Saturday morning at the RCC booth.
From the left, Al Millard, Dave Dobson, Vic Giguere, Gerri Giguere, and Al Leonhardt.

Photography courtesy of Ted Dawson