2017 Kananaskis Cruise Photos

The K-Cruise for 2017 was a hit with all who attended.

Many thanks to Donna and Richard Nutter for organizing the Event and to Don and Susan Horn for the photo journal.
Perfect weather! Good company! Great food! Smooth running vehicle!
What more can you ask. The temperature was in the mid 20’s as we left Snodgrass Rec Centre heading west on the Coal Trail for Longview and K-Country. Brian Chipchase lead us out pulling his custom built trailer. His vehicle was easy to spot out front as we headed west. That is, of course, after we got over the minor excitement when Donna couldn’t get her vehicle to start in the parking lot. A second try and she and Sheila were off with the rest.
We gathered, as usual, at the Mt Lipsett picnic site just before the top of the Highwood Pass. Richard and Brent had gone ahead with the BBQ on a bigger trailer so they were ready for us when we arrived.
A taster of smokies before the main course of our steak. We were all well fed and watered.

Great job Donna and Richard. Can’t wait for next year’s event!