2017 – Wow!! What a Show & Burn-Out

Well, the 2017 Show & Burn-Out are both completed


WoW!! What a Show

It’s Monday, the day after the Show and the heady experience of another successful Show is still in the air!
It was a chilly -2 Celcius as we arrived at morning set-up for the event, yet there already were 3 vehicles lined up at Registration. That was just the beginning. By the time Registration completed at 11:00 we had seen 1106 vehicles. There were the customized pick-ups, the scorching Mustangs, the motorcycles, the VW Beetles, the Lotus Super 7, and it just went on from there. We saw almost everything and throughout we also saw some of the most fantastic people in Alberta. Thanks to all. I don’t think I saw a face without a smile the whole day.

Of course it warmed up later, as it always does, and the crowds were everywhere. It’s easy for us to count cars (& trucks & bikes) as they arrive but counting the public spectators is a whole other question. In the closing stages of the Show, while out picking up out signage, I noticed a plethora of motorcycles parked on the grass near the Centre Street bridge with other personal vehicles in the former community of Wallaceville.
Business for our Vendors was brisk wherever I looked. Let’s guess that there were upwards of 11,000 visitors to Town on Sunday.

Quoting some feedback we have already received…”2017 Show ’N Shine- FANTASTIC. Thanks to all. The show was amazing ! Every where you looked there were happy faces, both young and old. Bonnie & Wayne”
Preceding the Show again this year was the Second Annual Burn-Out on Saturday evening. By all reports this was another popular event. Again this year the Town of High River permitted us to close the southern section of Centre Street from 7th Avenue to 12th Avenue. Barriers on both sides of the road kept the crown from the three Staging Areas. There was plenty of rubber smoke and I have heard reports of some definite crowd pleasing exploits.
Participants who registered and passed the mandatory vehicle inspection were permitted to Stage through the course as many times as they could within the 3 hour time allotted for the Event.
I’m told that three loops was typical with some participants squeezing in 4 loops within the time limit.


See you September 30, 2018 !!
Photos courtesy of Lillian Shavalier