2019 First non-Annual Snow & Shine

An image says it all. On September 29th we held the first non-Annual Snow & Shine

Sunday the 29th dawned cold and snowy but using the famous Show Biz line…”The Show Must Go On”.
Front end registration opened later than normal with an expected reduction in vehicular traffic. Vendors moved from their originally assigned locations throughout the Downtown into the most favourable positions near the few cars on display. Pop-up shelters were the name of the game.
Aspen Crossing (Mossleigh) graciously provided their full-sized tour bus as a warming station. Shawne Excavating got out the big loader to keep a little bit of the Downtown habitable.
43 hardy souls brought out their vehicles. We even had one person arrive on a pie-wagon (motorcycle).
The weather was horrible but the spirit was wonderful with everyone making the best of a bad day.
Even with the low attendance, we are pleased to announce that RCC donated $1000 to the High River Food Bank.