2020 Charity Donations

We are pleased to announce our 2020 Charity Donation recipients.

This year for the club (much like everyone else) has not gone as we had hoped it would for sure. With restrictions and show cancelations we too missed out on key events we had planned and struggled to salvage what we could in 2020.

We decided that would not stop us from supporting the community that supports us. We all still felt it was important to do what we can in donating to local groups like we normally do this time of year. Today we donated to 11 various groups to try and help them out.

If you have the choice to help someone and be a positive today please choose to and pay it forward and contribute to the positive.

We want to wish the High River Legion, The Boys and Girls Club -High River, High River Food Rescue, Spitzee School lunch program, Joe Clark Lunch Program, Holy Spirit Lunch Program, High River District Health, Museum of the Highwood, High River Handi-bus, Inclusion Foothills, and the Rowan House all the best this season. We wish we could have helped more groups if it was possible!

Merry Christmas to all and Best wishes for 2021.