Cars and Rat Rods in San Diego

On a recent trip to San Diego we took the opportunity to visit the Automotive Museum in Balboa Park. Here’s a few of the Cars and Rat Rods we saw.

This 1930’s Cadillac was being used as a daily driver to get around in La Jolla. Original exterior condition right down to the slight patina on the paint.

This 1937 Zephyr is a V12 and an example of early monocoque construction.

A 1932 Morgan Cyclecar sporting the same JAP engine as one would find in the likes of Brough Superior SS100 motorcycles of the era.
And then there were the Rat Rods. Rat Rods are a California creation and an art-form in themselves. Interesting and ugly at the same time. Powerful and unforgiving in their performance. Check out the detailed craftsmanship on the 1929 Dodge “Copper Rat”