Opportunity for Businesses to Support Eamon’s Garage

Businesses in Southern Alberta have an opportunity to support the Eamon’s Garage restoration

As our part of our fundraising for the Eamon’s garage restoration project, we are in need of the following…
Construction Supplies and Labour:

1. Stucco – Time and Material (Supplier and/or Laborer)
2. Window Builder – Custom Built Windows
3. Garage Doors
4. Wood-worker
5. Painter to volunteer and donate products
6. Drywaller and Materials
7. GRAVEL (Big Priority)
8. Cement – We have people who can do the finishing
9. Electrical Supplies and an Electrician to donate their time
10. Plumbing Supplies, Fixtures and a Plumber
11. Boiler for heat and someone to run and supply the heating line
12. General Labourers – to volunteer during the Eamon’s Garage Worker Bee Days.
13. Insulation – Specifically Spray Foam


If you or your company can help our project, please contact Jeff Langford at vice-president@rivercityclassics.ca

All of our Sponsors will be recognized on a billboard to be placed outside of the garage.