July 29 A G M information

Good Evening Everyone!

Here is some information that you should consider before the AGM on July 29.

We need to elect 9 people, of whom 4 will be the President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer as well as 5 directors responsible for various committees as follows:

  • 2 Directors for the Eamon’s Garage Committee
  • 1 Director for the Annual Car Show Committee
  • 1 Director for other Events and Fundraisers Committees
  • 1 Director for Communications Committee

Under our Bylaws, only ‘Members in Good Standing’ may participate in the election process. You are in ‘Good Standing’ if your membership type is ‘Annual Club plus Eamons Society Membership’ and of course is marked ‘active.’  

(Bylaws for the Society are posted on the Member Files page under the Members Home tab on the web site.)

We have attached a spreadsheet for you to verify your membership level. Download the file  

Also attached are also the Nomination form,  Proxy voting form, and the Election Rules. (See below – they should download automatically when you click them.) If you would like to stand for nomination for any position or nominate someone, please forward the appropriate form to Glenda Cutforth by email. You can find her email in the Members Roster (also under the Members Home tab).

Nominations will also be accepted from the floor at the AGM.

If you need to upgrade from Annual Club, bring along $10 to the July 29 meeting. If you need to renew, either bring $40 on July 29 or upgrade on-line using a credit card.

See you at the AGM on July 29 – 7 p.m. at Eamon’s Garage.

Nomination Form 2019

Proxy Form 2019

Voting and Elections Society Rules 2019