Newsletter Updates (new information added) ! See you March 4th

NEWSLETTER REPEAT – Read it again, Sam!

There are several news items for your attention:

Attendance is very important at the next meeting!!!

  • Our next meeting date is: Monday March 4 at the Eamon’s Garage 7pm and will start with our regular meeting.

Society Discussion and vote:

At that meeting, the main topic of conversation will be the reorganization of the Club as a Society that will also Include Eamon’s Garage. This will eliminate having two different groups and societies going forward.

Things up for discussion will be:

  • updated Club name
  • Pros and cons creating a society
  • Regular club meetings structure/differences
  • Board of Directors structure,
  • tighter integration of both Eamon’s and the Club,
  • plus a set of Bylaws for the society.

Question and answer session as well as a vote to move forward will follow directly after so to have your vote count please attend.

Society registration is also the precursor step to recognition by the Alberta Gaming Commission (AGLC) so that we can obtain licenses for our raffles.

There are several on-line files that contain additional information and background. They can be found on the “Meeting Minutes” page under the “Members Home” tab. There you will find the minutes for the Dec 30, 2018 meeting. Check the “Member Files” tab for four files dated Feb 2019 which provide background detail for the March 4th Discussion for additional background information.

  • Thanks to Ray Bouillet for all of his work on these documents.

Call for Parts:

  • Ted Dawson took a pizza lunch to the staff and students of the Fabrications Class at FCHS to think them for their help with the light displays in George Lane Park and the subject of the Car Club trophies came up in the conversation. Ted would like to put out a call for engine, transmission, and other interesting car parts for the building of our trophies during the Fabrications Class this semester. They would like to get started as soon as possible so they can have the trophies ready for the show in the fall. Contact Ted if you have something to contribute.

Membership Renewals.

The system has begun to send out RENEWAL REMINDERS. You can determine when your membership expires by going to the My Profile page under the Members Home tab. There are two documents available through the How To… page which provide instructions for membership renewal and new membership.


Thanks all!