Vendor Application

Thanks for deciding to become a Vendor at the River City Classics annual September Show & Shine. If you have been a Vendor, already then you have a sense of the size and scope of the Show. Weather at the end of September is typically good with cool or even cold early mornings followed by sunny warm afternoons.
Cars begin to arrive at the Show by 7:00 am so as a Vendor you will want to be aware that access to the Downtown to set up your booth can be problematic if it isn’t done early. Arrangements can be made for you to set up your booth the evening before the Show. Replenishment of your supplies during the day can be challenging due to the crowds who visit the Show.
A good turnout for the event will be in excess of 1000 show vehicles, 50 – 60 Vendors, and 8,000 – 10,000 people.
Public entry is free; however, parking is only allowed outside of the Show area so your potential patrons will be on foot.
Becoming a Vendor is a three step process:

  • Complete and Submit the on-line Vendor Application Form below.
  • Register on this River City Classics web site, and pay the required Application Fee. (Credit Card and Paypal are both accepted.)
  • Stay in touch via e-mail with our Show Chair to monitor the progress of your Application.

If you have already completed the Application Form and now want to pay your Application Fee, please click on Vendor Application Fee Payment.

Application to be a Vendor at the Annual September Show & Shine

  • Business Information

  • Instructions and Acknowledgement

    • 1) Vendor Application Fee for the current year is $100 CAD for each 10 ft X 10 ft area.

      2) Requests for multiple spaces will be considered but not necessarily approved.

      3) Payment of the Vendor Application Fee is required before your Application will be considered. (Registered Non-profit Organizations excepted.)

      4) Vendors must also provide, on request, Proof of Liability Insurance in the amount of not less than $1,000,000 ($1 million)

      5) Food Vendors must have and display an AHS Food Safety Certificate of Inspection

  • Space Requirements

  • Additional Information

  • Declaration

  • By selecting "I Agree" below, you are declaring that the information provided in this Application is complete and accurate.

    Further you are declaring that you will abide by the rules of the River City Classics Car Club.

    You also acknowledge that not all Applications are granted due to limited space and that it is the right and responsibility of the River City Classics Car Club to determine the allocated space and locations without question.
  • Indemnification

  • As a participant in the River City Classics Car Club Show & Shine you agree to the following three statements.
      1) I agree to waive any and all claims which I, or my business may have currently or which may result from participation in the Show & Shine against the River City Classics Car Club, the Town of High River, its officiers, employees, agents, and volunteers.

      2) I agree to release the River City Classics Car Club and the Town of High River from any and all liabilities for any loss, damage, injury, or expense which occurs out of the use of any of the facilities of the Show & Shine,

      3) I agree to hold harmless and indemnify the River City Classics Car Club and the Town of High River from any and all liability for property damage, personal injury to any third party, or other financial loss or expense, including legal expenses and cost on a solicitor-and-his-own-client full indemnity basis, resulting from participation in the Show & Shine